Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Lancashire Women has always strived to take a clear stance in relation to issues around ED&I, developing clear policies and procedures which seek to include and empower staff and volunteers and to ensure we are accessible and inclusive in every aspect of our work in communities.

Lancashire Women are committed to meeting our responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010. This is an ongoing process and to assist this work, to hear and include as diverse a range of contributions from across all stakeholders, we have established our EDI Working group chaired by our CEO and reporting to our Board of Trustees.

The group will collaborate with managers and Trustees to: 

Identify gaps and ‘blind spots’ in our current provision and work with stakeholders including service users to find solutions and address these issues. 
Develop new policies and procedures as required to reflect a positive and open approach to EDI working and establish the right ‘checks and balances’ so we are accountable for what we do / say. 
Provide training and learning where required to develop skills and learning and improve practice across all our staff and volunteers 
 Lancashire Women’s commitment to equality, diversity & inclusion guarantees that we will strive to provide the best services for women across Lancashire. Our HR and Recruitment polices actively work to ensure we have a diverse and well-supported workforce reflecting the communities we work with, and who are able to challenge injustice and discrimination and seek to remove barriers for women accessing our service.

As a community-based organisation Lancashire Women is based and works within the communities it serves, we aim to work in an inclusive and participatory manner encouraging all women of Lancashire to be involved in and to contribute to the direction and priorities of the organisation and support and facilitate women to be involved at all levels of policy and decision making.