A Summary From Our FOWSA Report:

Across Lancashire and Cumbria there was a disconnect with organisations delivering services and interventions for women in the criminal justice system (CJS). It was identified strategically that in order to establish a clear WSA model a formalised collaborative approach was required. Utilising the learning from multiple organisations allowed the opportunity to initiate an approach which would use a women’s journey through the CJS, identify significant gaps, understand failings from childhood through to adulthood, how measurement tools influence them and their families and ensure that the woman was pivotal in making the decisions which impact her own life.

What is a 'Whole System Approach' (WSA)?

To us that means connecting up lots of different services.

This approach compares to the women we work with. In simple terms, we know womens lives don’t exist in convenience compartments, they over lap, interweave, they work, they stop working, they’re lovely, they’re horrible! If an organisation is trying to help a woman thrive not just survive in whatever shape…they’re changing the whole part not just one part. In essence, not just their broken arm but their whole body.