Current Projects

CRS – Community Rehabilitative Services

The Justice and safety team work in partnership with The Probation Service to offer holistic support for women in prison and on probation to remove barriers and improve wellbeing with the aim of reducing re-offending.


Achieve North West

CFO3 is co-financed by Her Majesty Prison and Probation service (HMPPS) and the European Social Fund (ESF) to support social inclusion through improving the employability prospects of disadvantaged ex-offenders.

Working in partnership with Achieve North West Connect to support women with an ETE need in addition to at least 2 other complex pathway needs e.g. substance misuse, accommodation, mental and physical health.

We offer support with accessing first step courses and further training as well as providing in house volunteering opportunities to gain experience and a reference.

Part Funded by the European Social Fund.


In Partnership with:


Rapid Rehousing

Rapid Rehousing Navigators are assigned to rough sleepers who would benefit from tailored support. This support will be most suited to those with higher and more complex needs, which are likely to include health-related support needs, and those who have been sleeping rough for a longer period of time. Their focus is on developing a relationship with the individual, offering personalised, creative, innovative and effective support, building trust and working in an inclusive and empowering way and acting as a single point of contact. Through this support they will work on finding a housing solution, but they will also support the individual in their recovery to improve their health and wellbeing, find employment, undertake training, develop budgeting skills, cultivate positive social circles and be better equipped to maintain their accommodation and independence and avoid returning to the street.

Recourse - earlier intervention

Our RECOURSE Programme provides a commitment to a framework for females across Lancashire driven by three priorities: earlier intervention, an emphasis on community-based solutions, and an aim to make community interventions as effective and decent as possible for those women who do have to be there. In partnership with Lancashire Police RECOURSE aims to divert both low level and persistent female offenders away from contact with the criminal justice system through community resolutions, conditional cautions and substitutes to penalty notices. RECOURSE provides an alternative to police custody and a route into support services for women who have often experienced trauma in childhood or adult life. This approach addresses vulnerability, follows the evidence about what works in supporting women to turn their lives around, and treats them as individuals of value which has a substantial benefits for victims, families, and wider society, as well as for female themselves. Lancashire women staff provide a whole systems approach that allows women to address the underlying causes of their offending behaviour in a safe and non-judgemental environment, aimed to prevent further offending. The programme includes support with Mental Health & Wellbeing, Employment Training & Education, Finance, Benefit & Debt, Domestic Violence, Accommodation and Restorative Justice.

Snap back Recovery

Our Recovery Caseworkers work with women involved or at risk of becoming involved with the criminal justice system to support with engagement to recovery service and work towards reducing barriers that impact recovery.