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Therapy for You

We offer a range of 'Talking Therapies' which can help you if you are experiencing things such as:

* low mood
* worry
* panic
* bereavement
* relationship difficulties
* poor sleep
* low self-esteem

Talking Therapies help you to improve your mood, build confidence and self esteem, feel better about your emotional and physical health and have better relationships with others.

Anybody (male & female) over the age of 16 who may be experiencing problems such as these, and wants to feel better, can access our talking therapies. We can offer support through one-to-one, groups and our peer led group.

We also have a number of therapists with specialised skills that can support you to improve your thoughts and feelings and improve your emotional wellbeing.

Current Programmes:

One to OneTherapy (IAPT - Increasing Access To Psychological Therapies)

Lancashire Women's Centres provide a range of therapeutic services:

* Counselling For Depression
* Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - delivered by Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners and High Intensity Therapists.
* Couples Counselling For Depression

Contact your nearest centre to arrange an appointment.

Living Well - IAPT Long Term Conditions

The Living Well Programme offers CBT based therapies for all genders who have a long term physical health condition such as:

* Diabetes
* Fibromyalgia
* Chronic Pain
* Chronic Fatigue
* Arthritis
* Skin Conditions
* Cancer
* Heart Disease
* M.E.
* Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
* Other Respiratory Conditions
* Or any other long term physical health condition or medically unexplained condition.

The programme runs across Pennine Lancashire from a number of community venues and GP surgeries and consists of 1-1 and group support.

We understand that receiving a diagnosis and living with a long term condition or unexplained medical condition can be worrying. You may have worries about how this condition can impact on your emotional wellbeing, your family, your relationships and your day-to-day life. You may be experiencing some of the symptoms below:
* Low Mood
* Trouble Relaxing
* Sleep Problems
* Panic or worry
* Anxiety
* Low Energy

Our Therapists can support you with:
* Dealing with your diagnosis
* Relaxation
* Improving Mood
* Panic Prevention
* Beating Anxiety
* Problem Solving
* Getting Motivated
* Better Sleep
* Challenging Thoughts

CBT is evidenced based and is a recommended intervention by the NICE Guidelines (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence)

For more information please contact the Living Well team on: 07434716256

To make a referral or for more information email: Referrals@LivingWellLancs.org

MindFit - Training to Support Emotional Wellbeing

Our MindFit programme of therapeutic courses is a carefully designed progression package which leads individuals to improved wellbeing.

MindFit has been developed to provide a voyage of self discovery, with learners progressing carefully through a series of 5 week long courses.

Courses in the programme include:

The Planner - the first steps to feeling happier, welcome and at ease in a small group.

The Journey - supporting you to feeling stronger, more confident and assertive.

The Prize - adding the final touches and polishing new skills to achieve lasting positive changes.

In addition, we are able to offer further Mind Fit courses of varied lengths and which are designed to offer additional targeted support where needed, for example therapeutic art courses and mindfulness workshops.

If you're unsure which course is for you we have a Pre Course Questionnaire that can be accessed here.

Read Moya's Blog to hear more about our courses.

Peer Support

We support a growing number of groups activity which can help to improve emotional wellbeing and to reduce social exclusion. These groups provide a range of activity to support well-being including therapeutic art, transsexual support, recovery from depression, social activities and 'drop in' activity.

To find out more about these groups and when they meet click the groups page here.

BodyFit - Training to Support Physical Wellbeing

BodyFit provides an opportunity for women to get involved in a range of physical activities such as ToneFit. These exercise sessions are for women who want to get back into physical activity but haven’t done so due to various barriers.

To see class timetables, click here.

How Can I Access Support?

One to One Therapeutic Support (IAPT)

By email: community.wellbeing@nhs.net

By telephone: Contact your nearest centre to speak to the therapeutic coordinator to arrange an appointment.

Living Well

By email: Referrals@LivingWellLancs.org

By telephone: 07434716256

For all other services

Contact your nearest centre