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Therapy for You

We offer a range of 'Talking Therapies' which can help you if you are experiencing things such as:

* low mood
* worry
* panic
* bereavement
* relationship difficulties
* poor sleep
* low self-esteem

Talking Therapies help you to improve your mood, build confidence and self esteem, feel better about your emotional and physical health and have better relationships with others.

If you are experiencing problems such as these, and want to feel better, you can access our talking therapies. We can offer support through one-to-one, groups and our peer led groups. Please note that one to to one therapy is not currently available at our Preston Centre, though we have a range of groups and activities that can support your mental health and wellbeing.

We also have a number of therapists with specialised skills that can support you to improve your thoughts and feelings and improve your emotional wellbeing.

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