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Welcome to our menu of Lancashire Women groups which are FREE and accessible to all.

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Wellbeing Groups

All our FREE groups aim to explore your hopes AND fears from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Need help on where to start?

Our MindFit ONLINE groups continue to build your self-esteem and confidence and reduce your worry and stress. We also have pre-recorded our videos so you can watch at a time that suits you.

The Pet Cafe ONLINE group is the purrfect place to reflect and explore the therapeutic benefits of pets. Can support you with: * Low Mood & Depression * Worry * Anxiety * Stress * Anger

The Art of Calm ONLINE - Breathe – Release and Let Go – Put the pressures and strains of everyday life on hold while you soak up the skills of our therapist as she gently guides you to a calmer way of living.

Our LifeSkills ONLINE group supports you to reach your goals and dreams. Giving you the tools you need to make positive change.


All our online groups are facilitated by therapists and tutors who teach you techniques and tools such as, but not limited to:
•Mindful Breathing •Emotional Freedom Technique •The Sedona method •The Havening technique •Accept, change, remove •Relaxation/meditation •Mindfulness •Grounding techniques •Challenging negative thoughts •Heartmath Philosophy •Self-compassion • Self-care

Booking is necessary call us to secure your place and get started: 0300 330 1354.

Click below any of your menu choices for a more in depth detail on what the group covers.