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What's the group about?

Journalling has so many benefits and can help you to better understand how you're feeling.
By writing things down, you can:
* take the edge off toxic emotions,
* gain clarity on future steps you need to take,
* look back on your journal entries to see how far you've come,
* see how you have handled challenges
* look at what personal patterns became roadblocks in your personal and professional life.

The sessions on this group cover topics such as fears, phobias, thoughts, emotions, unhelpful thinking habits etc. We will look at new routines that have been adapted through lockdown, future goals and new routines that could be adapted for you.

You'll journal your feelings during the week, during your 1-1's we'll go through techniques and strategies to help you with any negative thoughts and emotions you have…you can adapt these strategies and try them out during the weeks inbetween.