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Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships (part 1)

Within this 3 week programme, learners will identify positive and negative behaviours in relationships whilst establishing new ways to break down barriers. Communication styles will be explored, whilst looking at techniques to be more assertive within relationships.

Finally, learners will explore the importance of boundaries and determine ways they can set boundaries, to aid building and maintaining healthy relationships.

Healthy relationships (part 2)

Within this 3 week programme, Learners will identify new ways of controlling their anger and frustration, recognise warning signs and look at different calming techniques. Trauma in relationships will be discussed and trust issues will be looked at whilst acknowledging different strategies and techniques that can help you to deal with relationship problems.

We suggest a wellbeing chat with one of our therapists before you begin the course. This is to ensure the course is the best thing for you, it will be either a half an hour telephone appointment or a one-to-one session. In this time we'll register you on our system by taking some details from you and you can discuss confidentially and in a safe space what the course can do for you.

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