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Mood Food

What's the course about?

Come and enjoy a free breakfast on this low intensity mixed therapy based group for women AND men aged 60 and over. Increase awareness how your thoughts, feelings and behaviours may affect how you feel both emotionally and physically. Designed to promote emotional well-being, we will explore what benefits there are to learning how anxiety and depression affect our lives and the impact they may have on physical health. Learn how to maintain healthy relationships in later life, guided visual meditation techniques to promote relaxation and all whilst having fun AND free breakfast!

We suggest a wellbeing chat with one of our therapists before you begin the course. This is to ensure the course is the best thing for you, it will be either a half an hour telephone appointment or a one-to-one session. In this time we'll register you on our system by taking some details from you and you can discuss confidentially and in a safe space what the course can do for you.

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