Comm Fund EU MPT Steps

Our Employment Support Team provide an individually tailored service if you are based in Lancashire and are looking to gain employment, go into education, volunteering or job searching.

Our experienced staff will work with you on a one to one basis or we can put you in touch with one of our partner organisations to develop your own personal action plan and support you to achieve your goals.

You may have been impacted by covid, are struggling with your mental or physical health, returning to work after a break or want to boost skills and confidence before looking for work. Whatever your reason for support, talk to us!

We can help you:

  • Boost your confidence & self-esteem
  • Update/Create your CV
  • Search for jobs
  • Apply for jobs
  • Practice interview techniques
  • Improve your digital skills
  • Find the right training courses/qualifications
  • Develop work skills
  • Look for volunteer placements
  • Check that you're claiming all the correct benefits you're entitled to whilst you're unemployed

Frequently Asked Questions

What support can you offer?

We have a variety of programmes running to help anyone who is un-employed, ill, disabled or a carer in Lancashire. We can also help those that are ready for work and are actively looking for work. Support will be centred around the person's needs e.g. CV writing, digital support, interview techniques, confidence building. Anything from lower level support (eg skills updates) to intensive support (overcoming barriers if you have never worked before). Call us or complete our online referral form.

I already have a job (or a zero hours contract), and I am looking for a different job – can you help me?

Yes we can! Please enquire about our MPT steps programme.

Do you offer Digital Support?

Yes we are part of the BBO (Building Better Opportunities) project which enables us to help anyone unemployed, disabled or ill, with support around computers including a specialised programme for those aged 50+.

I am not ready to look for work yet but I do want help with my confidence ... can you help?

Yes. Our Lifeskills Courses and Confidence Cafes are delivered digital/face to face across our centres designed to support women who are perhaps not quite ready to look for work, but need help with confidence, mental health support, support getting basic skills qualifications etc. See our what's on page for current dates/availability

Do you offer Employment Support for men?

Yes! Men can apply to some of our programmes and we work in partnership with a number of organisations who offer similar programmes. We work with men aged 50+ under Age of Opportunity. If we can't help, we can refer you to our local partner organisations. Call us or complete our online referral form.

Can you help me whilst I am long term sick from work?

This would depend on your individual circumstances - please get in touch to see what support we offer. Call us or complete our online referral form.

I have children, but really want to get back to work, what can I do?

We can do back-to-work calculations and help with employment support and volunteering opportunities and any training requirements. Call us or complete our online referral form.

How can I refer myself into your services?

Call us on 0300 330 1354 or complete our self-referral form.