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What's the course about?

Learn to relax, de-stress and re-charge. Clear your mind in the calmness of our online Zoom Room – our chilled out therapists have strategies and techniques to dramatically reduce your stress levels & sooth your mind, leaving you feeling altogether healthier and energised. Why not join us for the mini 5 week retreat, take that time out just for you – just 1 hour to regain your power and control of your emotional state and wellbeing …to be more mindful…to be present…to be calm.

  • Relax
  • Be Mindful and live in the present
  • Take control
  • Reduce and control your anger and frustration
  • Manage your levels of stress
  • Help to manage your fear and cope with grief
  • Reduce your worry and anxiety

During each session we will be looking at coping strategies and techniques, You will get access to stress relieving techniques that we can use throughout our lives, enabling us to have a better overall well-being. Whether your presenting problem is stress, worry, anger, anxiety

If we are aware of the cause of the above we can take more control in our day to day lives

Practical solution to everyday problems.