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Group Facilitator Job Description

What we expect from you:

  • to have a clear understanding of group content.
  • to work closely with other volunteers and staff.
  • consult the admin staff for guidance when appropriate.
  • work to the policies and procedures in place at LW including the confidentiality agreement.
  • to work in line with our Mission Statement.
  • to signpost to alternative organisations where appropriate.
  • to fully understand the various paperwork requirements needed from the variety of different funders.
  • to understand group dynamics.
  • to have knowledge of different Learning Styles.
  • identify and support learners who might have additional needs.
  • contribute appropriately to session activities and assessment.

The experience and support we can give you:

  • Understand how session plans are formulated.
  • Know who the staff are and which member of staff is responsible for various projects.
  • Know LW policies and procedures that are in place and sign the confidentiality agreement.
  • Understand the ethos of LW and the meaning behind the mission statement.
  • Liaise with group tutors.
  • Assist in enabling her to set her own SMART goals.
  • Have awareness of importance of time-keeping/management.
  • Know and have a good working relationship with other local organisations.
  • Full experience and induction programme.