In 2015 Lancashire Women celebrated 30 years of operation. The first seeds of the organsiation were sown in 1982, following work by women connected with the local Labour Party who were keen to raise awareness of, and seek to tackle, high infant mortality rates in the town of Blackburn.

In 1983 a steering group was established which sought to establish a Well Women's Centre in Blackburn, based on national Well Women's Centre Guidelines. Campaigning and fundraising activity built in momentum, and the charity was able to purchase our Wellington Street Centre in Blackburn and open the doors to local women by 1985.

The past three decades have seen growth and development, with the charity now operating right across the county. However, our core principles remain the same and our network of centres provide a safe space which is run by and for women and which works to foster health and wellbeing in a person centred and holistic way.