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Bon Iver Charity Partnership

Wed 22nd November 2017

Lancashire Women’s Centres were delighted to have been chosen by American indie band Bon Iver to be their charity partner for the band’s sell out concert at the Blackpool Opera House on 25th September 2017. 

We are very excited and honoured to be partnering with Lancashire Women's Centres, Blackpool on our 2 A Billion campaign in Blackpool! Creating safe spaces for women to seek support, education, and empowerment is of the utmost importance, especially in current times. We've felt very inspired and energized by your work, and are eager to engage our fans around it in meaningful ways. Very much looking forward to working with you to create and build positive changes in your community!

- Bon Iver

Lancashire Women’s Centres are really excited to share the news that our charity has chosen by American indie band Bon Iver to be their official charity partner for the band’s sell out concert at the Blackpool Opera House on 25th September.

Bon Iver have developed the ‘2 A Billion Campaign’, whose goals are to increase awareness and take action on issues surrounding domestic violence and gender inequality. The band work to take advantage of Bon Iver's diverse audience as a means to support the work of chosen partner organisations whose work aligns with the 2 A Billion Campaign.

Bon Iver felt that the work of Lancashire Women's Centres reflected the aims of 2 A Billion  and are keen to use their reach and influence to support others working in this arena.  This opportunity provides a us with a fantastic platform from which we can connect with fans across the North West, and beyond, around issues regarding gender inequality – and comes at a time when many women’s charities are having to work incredibly hard (often whilst facing both reductions in funding and growing demand for services)  to ensure that the empowerment, safety, inclusivity and equality of women  - and especially the most marginalised and vulnerable women in our communities – remains on the agenda.

Over the next few days we will be auctioning off exclusive merchandise via the 2aBillion website, including signed albums and tickets to the sell out concert date in Blackpool.  Our team will also be coming along to the concert to promote our work, our #EveryWomanCounts message and our support for the 2aBillion campaign, so if you are coming along to the gig then stop by our stand to meet our team and find out more about our work.