We work with over 8500 women a year, supporting them to recognise their assets and achieve their potential. We are committed to ensuring that our work is effective and achieves meaningful and sustainable outcomes for the women we support. We use a range of tools to assess our impact, including the use of robust outcome measures and by undertaking internal and external evaluations of our work. We are also committed to sharing our best practice, both locally and nationally, in order to reach more women than we could ever do through direct delivery alone.

'Lancashire Women is an outstanding charity with an impressive range of services that are designed around the needs of the individual. They recognise that mental health issues cannot be looked at in isolation - other factors can play a part. By dealing with these as well as providing mental health support, they are able to achieve impressive result. These factors made them stand out from the crowd and we would like to congratulate them on a well earned win.’

- Katie Pinnock, Director of UK Corporate Contributions of GSK​

93% of women have not reoffended during the last year. 72% of women evidenced improvements in mental health and emotional wellbeing. 20% of women evidenced improved life skills.

- Avert Programme, Annual Report 2014/15

5807 hours of therapeutic support were accessed by 1154 women and 78 men. Following therapy: 25% were no longer taking medication, 8% felt the support had helped them find and keep a job, 12% continued to access LW services to support their recovery.

- Therapeutic Services, Annual Report 2014/15