Blackpool Family Wellbeing Service



Lancashire Women’s Family Wellbeing Service offers emotional health and wellbeing support to families attending the Neonatal Unit at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. We also provide 1 to 1 counselling when the family leaves the ward. Our 1 to1 counselling support is also open to families from the Blackpool community (postcodes FY 1-4) who may be struggling with their mental health during the perinatal period. (pregnancy up until a child is 2 years old) This includes when a family has experienced pregnancy loss or the death of a child for example through miscarriage, stillbirth, sudden infant death syndrome, termination, abortion, or loss through foster care or adoption.

What is counselling?

People choose to see a counsellor for different reasons; low moods, relationships, coping with loss, anxiety, life events etc. A counsellor is there to help you to uncover your own insight and understanding of your difficulties, and may help by identifying some tools to help you cope.

Our perinatal therapists offer emotional health and wellbeing support for families who have experienced difficult or loss in the perinatal period. (pregnancy up to 2 years)

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