Healthy Relationships

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Next Course Start Dates:
Thursday 8th August 10am-12noon,
Thursday 12th September 1-3pm

Within this 6-week programme, learners will identify positive and negative behaviours in relationships whilst establishing new ways to break down barriers. Communication styles will be explored, whilst looking at techniques to become more assertive within relationships. Learners will explore the importance of boundaries and determine ways they can set boundaries, to aid building and maintaining healthy relationships. Frustration and anger within relationships will be discussed by recognising triggers and acknowledging calming techniques. The impact lack of trust can have in a relationship will be looked at and positive ways to move forward will be discussed.


Session 1: Identifying Positive & Negative Relationships
Session 2: Communication Styles
Session 3: How to Create Healthy Boundaries
Session 4: Anger & Frustration Management
Session 5: Building Trust in Relationships
Session 6: Ways to Overcome Trauma and Move Forward Positively

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