Snap Back Dependency & Recovery Support

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We can support women to reduce barriers to accessing and engaging with support to help keep women in recovery from Alcohol and drug dependency.

We can support women to address the following barriers to treatment and recovery:
• Stigma
• Housing
• Finances
• Emotional wellbeing
• Education & employment support
• Support around families & relationships

We can offer 1 to 1 caseworker support and also groups including ‘Recovering with Confidence‘.

Recovering with confidence is a peer led women’s group designed to complement structured treatment and
recovery. Through this course, you will:
• Gain confidence & self-esteem
• Access emotional & practical support
• Create & achieve your personal goals

You can expect a warm, friendly welcome from Hub staff on arrival with no pressure to contribute (although it is encouraged) Get Support from peer members in the group that have similar experiences
Session 1: Welcome & Introduction
Session 2: Self esteem
Session 3: Confidence in Communication
Session 4: Unmet needs
Session 5: Mindfulness
Session 6: Barriers

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