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Help with mental health & wellbeing

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Help with benefits, budgeting, debt and energy
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How can LANCASHIRE WOMEN support you?

Lancashire Women are a leading charity, supporting an average of 5000 people each year in Lancashire to improve their lives and push through the barriers they face.

We offer support with employment support, mental health and wellbeing support (1 to 1 sessions and group sessions), money advice and energy advice. We also have a Justice & Safety team who work with women in the justice system or women who might face homelessness or domestic abuse.

We have four venues in Accrington, Blackpool, Burnley and Blackburn. We also offer virtual 1 to 1 support (via Phone/Whats App), group support and outreach support at venues including Preston, Chorley, Lancaster and Skelmersdale.

Find out more about the work we do

* NEW * Steps to Confidence Group for women living in Preston

Whether you took a career break to raise a family, devoted your time to caregiving or have a long-term health condition, we understand the unique challenges you face.

Our 5-week ‘Steps to Confidence’ group will help you to...

  • Build your confidence and set healthy boundaries
  • Learn resilience & coping strategies
  • Develop your communication skills
  • Set goals & create action plans

Refreshments provided.

Next course start dates: (5 week course, for women living in Preston)

  • Monday 26th February - Intact Centre, Ingol 10.30am – 12noon
  • Monday 26th February - Plungington Community Centre 1pm – 2.30pm
  • Friday 1st March - Ribbleton Family Hub 12.30pm – 2pm
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Some of our Projects

Lw 11 Of 66 Groups

A opportunity to learn skills and meet new people

2019 12 Lw Bw 7 Energy Advice

Support and advice from our Energy team.

Lw 7 Of 68 Money Advice

Help with budgeting, bills, debt and benefits

2019 12 Lw Bw 16 Employability

Employment support for those who are not currently in work or full time education.

2019 12 Lw Bw 2 Therapy

A service offering one to one mental health support in East Lancashire.

2019 12 Lw Wm Bw 36 Volunteering

An opportunity to give something back and learn new skills.


"I have already recommended Lancashire Women to friends and family. I can’t believe how much their support has helped me - I'm back on track and hoping to start volunteering to give something back"

"Through all your support I've regained my confidence now. I've been given tools to help my anxiety, and it has helped me understand why and where it stems from and how to gain back control."

"Coming here has changed my life around for the better. It has helped me stop offending, by looking at why I did it in the first place and helping get things sorted out. It's still early days, but I am happier now"

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