There's lots going on in Blackpool Centre - a women-only space just a short walk from Blackpool town centre on Church Street (Near the Salvation Army)


Take a look at the current groups taking place at the Blackpool Centre. Our groups are FREE to attend and its a great chance to meet new people and try something new. You will be welcomed in Reception by our friendly team, offered a brew and shown into one of our training rooms. If you have any questions, please call us on 0300 330 1354.

If you are interested in a group listed below, please Register Your Interest by completing our Online Referral Form. A member of our team will contact you to arrange a first contact meeting to find out if our groups are right for you. If you both agree it's suitable, we will sign you up to the next available course. (new courses start roughly every 6-8 weeks, excluding school holidays)

Wellbeing Wednesdays

Wednesdays 10am

Drop in for a brew and get social and practical support. A friendly space to meet and mingle with other women.

Coffee and Arts & Crafts

Mondays 1pm, Thursdays 10am

Peer support group. Coffee, arts and crafts, and a chat with friendly faces

Winter Wellness

4 week course in Blackpool Centre, Tuesdays 1-3pm
Available to women in Blackpool & Fylde
Start dates: 7th November

Come and join us on our series of workshops to equip you with the tools you need to keep warm and well this winter.
Covering practical skills including cooking and eating well on a budget, savvy shopping and mending clothing, we also have advice and guidance from our money and energy specialists. This is not one to miss!

Grab yourself a free slow cooker and a copy of our Brand new "Good Food, Good Mood" recipe book upon completion!!

Good Food Good Mood
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Eyes Wide Open

Group for women

This programme is designed to support women to identify abusive behaviours and the impact that these behaviours have on their lives. It teaches women that abuse is intentional and ingrained in the belief system of the perpetrator. It explores the different tactics used and what the perpetrator intends to achieve from using these tactics. The programme looks at the values and beliefs of society, the perpetrator and women, it unpicks these views and supports women to challenge them.

Course start date:

  • Monday 18th September
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Healthy Relationships

6 week course in Blackpool Centre, Thursdays 1-3pm
Available to women in Blackpool & Fylde
Start dates: 23rd November

Within this 6-week programme, learners will identify positive and negative behaviours in relationships whilst establishing new ways to break down barriers. Communication styles will be explored, whilst looking at techniques to become more assertive within relationships. Learners will explore the importance of boundaries and determine ways they can set boundaries, to aid building and maintaining healthy relationships. Frustration and anger within relationships will be discussed by recognising triggers and acknowledging calming techniques. The impact lack of trust can have in a relationship will be looked at and positive ways to move forward will be discussed.

  • Session 1 – Healthy relationships
  • Session 2 – Communication styles
  • Session 3 – Boundaries
  • Session 4 – Anger and frustration
  • Session 5 – Trust within relationships
  • Session 6 – Trauma within relationships
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Therapeutic Group for women
Course start dates: Wednesday 22nd November

MindFit is a 6-week course that helps participants manage stress, anxiety, learn self-compassion and guides participants onto a journey of self-discovery, to become the best version of themselves. MindFit participants say this course has helped them reduce stress and anxiety by increasing inner balance, self-security and feeling happier. By using the tools and strategies provided by MindFit, participants have demonstrated balance in their thoughts and emotions, which has led to both increased self-worth and becoming more resilient when faced with life’s challenges.

Confidence Cafe

6 week course in Blackpool Centre, Tuesdays 1-3pm
Available to women in Blackpool & Fylde
Start dates:
21st November

The overall aim of the group is for you to start to know and like yourself; look at what you would like to change; start to make those changes; start to believe in yourself; identify your strengths and skills; doubt yourself less; connect with likeminded people; build inner strength and learn techniques and strategies to help your overall well-being.

  • Session 1 – Foundations of positive Self Esteem
  • Session 2 – Self Esteem
  • Session 3 – Positive self talk
  • Session 4 – My Goals
  • Session 5 – Communication styles
  • Session 6 – 5 ways to wellbeing

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